Friday, July 1, 2011

Italy|A Life-Changing Experience (Continued)

Italy| The Colosseum 
June 3, 2011
  This day was probably one of the most thought provoking days for me. It feels like it was just yesterday when we were all sitting in a hostel room listening to a history lesson about Ancient Rome and the Colosseum.  You couldn't help but to be awe struck and sober when you saw it for the first time. It kinda caught me off guard to tell you the truth. As we got off the metro and walked out to the street, the Colosseum pretty much hit me in the face. ya literally. You do not expect this well known landmark to be right outside the Metro. I was so overwhelmed and contemplative that at the moment taking pictures wasn't even an option. ha

As we walked through the staircases and halls of the Colosseum I tried to picture myself there in 80AD. Imagining the roars of the crowd up in stadium, waiting and thirsting for the blood of the guilty and of the innocent.  It was quite sobering to picture myself in the shoes of those innocent Christ followers! I was challenged with the idea that I constantly need to live in light of death. 
Inside The Colosseum
  Gotta love dramatic clouds.

 One of many awesome tourist shots with 2 amazing girls! Madey and Jasmine both made this day so great!

  I will never forget the deep conversations we had while walking through The Roman Forum. It was great to have friends around you that kept the conversations thought provoking and uplifting! Oh and of course laughing! Don't forget laughing! We never had a dull moment!
A bonus! I was able to tag along with some others from our group and see the Tiber River! Its known for being the 3rd longest river in Italy. It is NOT known for being the cleanest though. In fact I think its one of the dirtiest ones. Or at least it use to be. ha
 The Tiber River
 Alter of the Nations|Altare della Patria 

 The Mouth of Truth |Bocca della Verità 
I was so excited to see this! it was believed that if one told a lie with one's hand in the mouth of the sculpture, it would be bitten off.
Also famous from When in Rome! 

We ended this day with a night shoot at the Colosseum! Gotta love being a photographer!

More to come...

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