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Italy|A Life-Changing Experience June 4th,2011

Italy|June 4th, 2011
St.Peter's Basilica.The Vatican

Not quite sure where to start. The Vatican was both overwhelming and amazing...God used this day to show me some amazing things about myself. The only thing I regret was not being able to spend more time inside the Basilica. I look forward to going back and being able to spend the day inside St.Peter's.
We started this Saturday morning standing in one of the longest lines. Not to go in, but to climb the 320 steps to the top of the dome. Up, up and up we went. ha
Gotta love narrow, steep steps!
Madey! My stair buddy!
Almost to the top....

 Inside the dome! Beautiful. Its so frustrating because pictures couldn't even compare to being there in person. 

 What a view!
 Awe! The breathtaking view that was worth every 320 steps!!

Piazza di San Pietro

 Joelle and I looking good on top of the dome! Love her!
 Inside the Basilica! 
Pictures cannot even come close to the awesomeness of this cathedral. I had to stop taking pictures because I was so overwhelmed with each immaculate detail.  This is literally all the pictures I took inside of St.Peter's...enjoy!
 One of the leaders brought up some soul searching issues...As a child of Christ I am a temple of my Lord. My temple should be holy and as awesome in Christ. Does my soul compare at all to this cathedral? It should be, if not more. I aspire for my soul to be more and more beautiful for Christ.

I can't wait to return to St.Peter's Basilica. One day.

.....Ciao! More to come.

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