About Me

 Who am I? Why do I love photography?....

Lets start with me.... 
I am a single girl who's one desire is to live for Jesus and Him alone. I have a relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ. I am eternally grateful that He died to take away my sins. I hope to glorify Him in all that i do. He is what I live for. He is what makes me who I am.

 I am also one of those sappy girls that love little smiles. I love the joy and laughter of a family during a tickle war or the passion and romance of a couple in love.
 I like having fun. I like laughing. I love life....

 Which bring me to Photography.  
Who wouldn't love capturing these wonderful things? I want families and couples to always remember those laughs and  those intimate moments. Life is short. I want to never forget. I hope to and  desire to capture these things...and to hold on to each smile and care that life will bring our way!  I want to create an image with 1,000 words and wonderful memories. 

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