Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday | I Am Grateful

I am grateful....  

(2) I am grateful for time spent with this lovely lady. We never have to pretend or fake anything. She is the only person that I am 100% real with. That is refreshing. For this I am grateful. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday-Reason To Be Grateful

So I got inspired by my dear friend Susan, to start posting something(s) I'm grateful for on Mondays! Mondays are pretty rough and we can always be grateful for something. 
 I've been wanting to start posting 1000 reasons to be grateful as well so this is perfect to tie both of them together. It should be easy to come up with 1000 reasons to be grateful for. Right?

#1 I am grateful for my crazy, fun family.
Life would be so dull without my mom, step-dad, sister's, grandparents and uncle!
 I love them all so much

Adrianna counts as My family! This child has brought some much joy to me and everyone around her!
I love her to death!!