Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Italy|June 9-12th The Last Days

Italy|Florence & Rome
The Last Days
June 9-12, 20011

Leaving Venice was sad a day...but I was eager and excited for our next destination, Florence
We started June 9th on a train headed to Florence. When we arrived in Florence we walked what seemed like forever to our quaint hostel. Just to throw it out there this was one of the best hostels out of the 5 that we lodged in. It was amazing. We then were anxious of course to experience and see the beautiful panoramic view of Florence, so we all walked, climbed some stairs, walked some more, and climbed even more stairs to the Piazzale Michelangelo. 
Pictures couldn't describe or compare to the beauty of this city. I hope you enjoy some images of Florence through the eye of my camera....

We love to take pictures of ourselves... hehe
and having fun is just one of the perks.
Classy! Love you Babbs!

Florence at night...Speechless.
This really cool blue grass band played on the steps. They were so good and added so much to the night. I do miss hearing random live bands on the streets. 

June 10th, 2011
The Dome

Gelato #2

Gelato #3

Wonderful, Beautiful Jasmine! 
Gelato #4

 My inspiration to start playing violin again.

 Love these girls
In the Airport waiting for our flight home, sipping on a last cappuccino from Rome, ...for now. 
Can't wait to go back. 

Ciao Italia!