Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Italy|A Life-Changing Experience June 7th-8th

June 7th-8th

When I think of Venice I can't help but smiling. I think one of my most treasured moments while in Italy was our journey headed to Venice. Yes, a train decided not to show up, we were stranded in a train station, we had to run through a station with our packs to catch the train, and to top it off it was raining most of the time. But there was just something about going through all of this with our group that made it memorable, fun and exciting. God really blessed this trip with some amazing people and it was great getting to know each person more and more throughout each day. 
As we arrived in Venice it was impossible not to be in awe of this city on the water. No car's, no trees. It was so surreal and enchanting. Venice was definitely one of the most romantic places I have ever been to. It was unreal. It felt like I was stuck in a Fairy-tale. As we walked off of our train and faced the Grand Canal I was speechless! 

Enjoy my attempt at capturing The Floating City...

Piazza San Marco
The lights, water and live music was the perfect romantic setting...beautiful.

June 8th

The best cappuccino I have or will ever have. I guess being in St.Marks square and enjoying the live band could have played a big part in that. It was priceless. I will never forget it!

Lovely Jasmine!  I love and miss her.

Gondolas, bridges and Canals...no big deal. ha
The Grand Canal!

Rain, Umbrellas and St.Marks Piazza...could it get better??

Something about the Grand Canal at night...Its like a whole other world.

Goodbye Venice....for now.

More to come.

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