Sunday, July 15, 2012

Travel || London, England

Do you remember when I went to Italy last year? I went with The Institute of Photographic Studies and had a blast. I was able to join this wonderful group again this year. This time London and Paris. 
I am so grateful that God has given me these opportunities to travel the world. I was one of those kids that would sign up for travel magazines and I would spend hours looking through them and cutting out my dream trips. I would make collages of my dream trip. Maps, hotels, places to see and where to eat. I was a nerd. I always had so much fun. Thankfully my dreams are coming more true every year. It makes me happy. 

On June 8th I flew out of Atlanta to meet up with the IPS group in London,England. I was so excited to see old friends and eager to meet new ones. I didn't quite know what to expect in London. All I knew is that ever since I was a kid I've wanted to see this wonderful city.  The history behind this great country was so overwhelming. I loved it. 
 My images do not do this city justice...I guess that just means you have to go and see it yourself. 

Stay tuned...More to come! 

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  1. you got sm e great photos, especially liked the one of the blurry cars