Sunday, April 22, 2012

Craftiness||Wall Art

I've seen this project a million times on Pinterest. I loved it. It seemed so fun and awesome but I never really had time to try it out. 
Babbs saw it for the first time on Friday and decided we had to do it. I ran to Hobby Lobby on Saturday and we started the craftiness that night. 
We had so much fun making them that I decided to share some of it in hopes you will try and make one. It was super easy and tons of fun....

This project was inspired and adapted from the amazing A Beautiful Mess Blog 

Supplies Needed:
   -Letter Stickers (I found mine in the art section of Hobby Lobby)
-White Spray Paint

Figure out a piece of artwork that you like but don’t love. Babbs had some awesome canvases that she painted a while ago. They were just sitting in her room collecting dust so they worked great! And they made this project even more amazing! 

Step One-Three:  Cut out and figure out your design.  I found my sticker letters at Hobby Lobby. I used the 3” letters for this project. When you are for sure about the wording and placing, move onto Step Four: Stick the stickers. Place them carefully as you desire. 

Step Five: Cover the entire piece with a thick coat of spray paint. Make sure your paint is dry. We were anxious to see the results so we waited about 5min. 

Carefully pull the letters off using a butter knife or anything with a point. 

Finally, Enjoy! You made an awesome art piece. Voila!

 I love mine and I hope you will like your's too!

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