Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chris & Gracie||Sibling Fun

These are my adorable little cousins, Chris and Gracie! They live far away. We don't get to see them often. Over the holidays we got to spend a little time with them and I was able to capture these fun moments. We had a blast together. They were so photogenic, easy and fun to photograph.  I love and miss these little people!

 Chris loves legos. He had fun showing me the awesome things his lego piece could do. It was fun!

Little Gracie is so cute. She loved smiling for the camera and following her big brother around. It wasn't hard to take pictures of her. 

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  1. Anntonette, I just love these great photos of our precious our grandchildren Chris and Gracie! God has given you a talent and it is exciting to see how you are developing it. Love, Grandma Becky